Writers of the Future, Vol. 30, edited by Dave Wolverton

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Writers of the Future Vol 30Writers of the Future, Vol. 30 edited by Dave Wolverton

* No Spoilers *

It should come as no surprise that Writers of the Future features some of the best short stories and illustrations from up-and-coming authors/illustrators in the science fiction and fantasy genres. The 30th anniversary edition is no different in the quality I’ve come to expect from this anthology series. Combined with several essays and tales from award winning authors like Orson Scott Card, Robert Silverberg, and L. Ron Hubbard himself, every emerging writer of science fiction and fantasy should consider this book a career investment.

Highlights of this year’s volume for me include the stunning world-development of author Anaea Lay in “These Walls of Despair” and the heart-wrenching, unique take on transformation fiction in “Shifter” by Paul Eckheart. I was in awe of Anaea’s ability to draw such a clear, incredible world in so short of time. And the ending of Paul’s  “Shifter” left me in tears. Wonderful, glorious tears.

The grand prize winner this year of the Golden Pen Award was Randy Henderson, for his story, “Memories Bleed Beneath the Mask.” In a few short pages this story presents a world where memories are transferred as part of a dying person’s estate. It’s a powerful tale about a boy and his grandfather and a world where justice isn’t always just. I wanted so much more at the end; I needed to know what happened next.

What I find most appealing about short stories (especially science fiction and fantasy shorts) is their ability to explore to one topic, one theme, one brilliant idea in a seemingly effortless manner. It’s a challenging craft, and not for every writer. But the Writers of the Future make it look easy.

If you want to know what’s (or who’s) going to be the next big thing, you have no place further to look than Writers of the Future.

Publisher: Galaxy Press (2014)
Edition: Kindle, ebook, 400 pages
ISBN: 9781619862623

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Blurb from GoodReads:

Embark on Voyages of Imagination and Wonder. Discover the new visionaries of imagination. Experience the thrills, laughs, heartbreak and tears that can all be found in this fabulous new anthology. We’ve scoured the globe to find the most powerful new writers, and then paired them with the most gifted new illustrators to bring you L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume XXX.

Stephanie Lorée
Stephanie is an author and editor who occasionally moonlights as a rockstar. Her short stories have appeared in dozens of small press anthologies and ezines, and in 2013, she was a finalist for the Writers of the Future award. In addition to freelance editing for indie authors and small presses, Stephanie is the Editor-and-Chief of Jinx Publishing LLC. She has edited several anthologies and is a longtime slush monkey for Lightspeed and Nightmare magazines. A self-proclaimed SuperNerd, Stephanie loves gaming, technology, good sushi, and bad kung fu flicks. Her digital life is available for stalking at stephanieloree.com.

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