Who the e’f Are We?

If you’re reading this, you already know who we are, because we’re you:

Readers of Books.
Livers of Literary Lives.
Writers of Opinions.
Fangirls of the Author Gods and the Demigods and the Godlings and even the Minions.

Together we are BookSideKicks:

The literary love-child of five book loving bitches.

Our individual parts consist of:

Stephanie Lorée: 

Born and stuck in Ohio, Stephanie Lorée writes fantasy fiction and occasionally moonlights as a rock star. Her short stories have appeared in such places as Penumbra and Pathfinder Tales. In 2013, she was a finalist for the Writers of the Future award. With her editor hat on, Stephanie freelances for indie authors and small presses, and she’s a longtime slush monkey for Lightspeed and Nightmare magazines. A self-proclaimed super nerd, Stephanie loves gaming, technology, good sushi, and bad kung fu flicks. Her digital life is available for stalking at stephanieloree.com.

Just J:

Just J turns caffeine into books and alcohol into embarrassing situations with your dad. She’s been known to read stuffy ol’ lit, but only on Friday nights during her college years. Now, she reads just about anything. Yes, even those dirty jokes inside bathroom stalls. She’s a drinker of wine–the redder the better. She carries her BA on English Lit around in her purse, because, what else would she do with it? She’s better known for her foul-mouthed, filthy-minded tweets as FunnyNotFound.

Melinda S. Collins:

Melinda lives in North Carolina with her freakishly tall husband–AKA: Lurch–two black cats … and her drunkard of a muse. Growing up in the south with an imaginary friend meant Melinda relied on herself for entertainment. And that’s when the bug for making up stories–ones that don’t get her into trouble–bit her in the ass in the gnarliest way. From there she grew to love the paranormal and fantasy worlds while her muse grew to love Grey Goose (she loves him regardless). Melinda writes paranormal romance and urban fantasy with a touch on insanity and a blast of smexy. No matter the story, you can place your bets that the words were driven by a badass muse and a wicked rock-filled playlist. You can stalk Melinda on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Goodreads, and her author site.


The mysterious C loves books. That she’s reviewing her faves on this site is proof. But she also writes books. And occasionally freelance edits for fancy authors. So you can’t know her name. Just that books are her passion, superheroes are her idols, music is her air, and writing is her blood. You can’t find her on the interwebs, although she’s there. Because. Ya know. She’s mysterious.

About Our Guest Reviewers:

Alice Black:

Miss Black writes paranormal romance and erotica, drinks like a fish, and swears like a sailor. She appreciates clichéd metaphors in her bio and tries to avoid them in her stories. Technically, she’s not a person, but the brainchild of two authors who wanted to write dirty sex scenes together. However, Alice quickly emerged with a unique personality all her own, which she expresses daily via her blog and Twitter. The ladies behind Alice are not responsible for the shit Alice says.