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–Stuff you want to know and other disclaimers and such-

  • Open to traditional and author-published works.
  • *One of our reviewers very much appreciates finding fabulous indie-authors, short stories, anthologies etc…*
  • Preferred ebook format, unless you’re going to front the cost of postage to get the print version to us.
  • We reserve the right to be crazy people with lives outside of books–a tragedy, we know–so not every request will be accepted for review, however, every submission will receive a response within 5 days of sending it to us.
  • If we agree to review your book, we will  never offer a negative / scathing review. This is a site to help promote the things we love and things we think others will love. That said, if, on the offhand, we read your book and find it isn’t our brand of bourbon we will notify you via email about our decision not to post a review.
  • We will not offer feedback on pieces not accepted, or any further opinions on the book outside of our review and replies to comments for the review.
  • If we have reviewed a book of yours already, please note that in the request because, hey we loved your work and want to build relationships with great authors to keep them going.

 –What you’ll send in the nifty form below

  1. book title and author name
  2. whether it’s adult or young adult
  3. genre(s)
  4. length
  5. the back cover blurb
  6. release date or anticipated release date
  7. Four links: author website, goodreads page, and two places folks can buy your books.

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